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First, alcohol has a diuretic effect, meaning that it increases the production of urine. This can lead to the loss of fluids and electrolytes that your body needs in order to function properly . This article looks at 6 easy, evidence-based ways to prevent or relieve a hangover. Certain foods, supplements, and over-the-counter products can help get rid of a hangover. Some practices may even help prevent you from getting one in the first place.

Can you be hungover and still drunk?

Can you still be drunk after 24 hours? While in some extreme cases a hangover can last for up to two days, you will not remain drunk after 24 hours. However, you may feel drunk the morning or afternoon after a heavy night of drinking in that you may be less focused, more irritable, and less coordinated than normal.

This rehydration solution isn’t just for kids anymore. One bottle has twice the sodium and five times as much potassium as the same size bottle of Gatorade. There isn’t any research that this will kick your hangover to the curb, but in theory, it should help. Scientists have to rely on people’s self-reported hangover symptoms, which may vary between people and depend on day-to-day factors, and these are very difficult to control scientifically. Coffee, black tea, and green tea contain some antioxidants that may reduce the adverse effects of alcohol consumption. There is no current research to say that particular foods, such as greasy or fried breakfasts, are more effective than others. Many people believe that carbohydrates are particularly effective for “soaking up” alcohol, though research has not looked into this.

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Proposed alternative remedies for hangovers abound, but studies haven’t found any natural remedies that consistently improve hangover symptoms. And delaying the absorption of alcohol is a good step toward avoiding a hangover. An easy food to eat before going out that’s filled with healthy fats is avocado—so you won’t regret an order of guacamole for the table. Know your limits and only drink in moderation.Decide ahead of time how many drinks you’ll have—and stick to it. If you’re feeling queasy, avoid rich, greasy foods and stick to dry, bland foods like toast and crackers. Keep in mind that it is important to minimize the use of Tylenol when drinking alcohol , as the combination can harm the liver. What’s more, he said, most research into hangover treatments is of very poor quality; studies tend to involve small sample sizes.

  • • Aspirin – Over Counter headache remedies, like aspirin, for the headache you are experiencing may be caused by alcohol in your blood, but it can be mitigated by aspirin just like any other headache.
  • Hangover symptoms typically last for hours and can make you feel miserable.
  • “Alcohol initially can make you feel sleepy; however, it affects sleep because those who consume a lot of alcohol do not get into a deep sleep that is restorative,” says Dr. Agarwal.

And just because beer has calories, doesn’t mean it counts as dinner. how long does a hangover lasts sometimes come with a side of an upset stomach. If your stomach is in knots, try a warm mug of ginger tea to settle things down. Studies have shown that ginger helps combat nausea and vomiting from a range of conditions. If you’ve got Pedialyte in the fridge, it’s perfect for those nights when you overdo it.

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Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we fact check our content for accuracy. Plain carbs help absorb any alcohol left in the stomach, provide sugar, and combat nausea.

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5 Best Foods for Hangover That Can Make You Feel Better.

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This might sound a little out there, but one study found that people who drank fruit juice had less severe thirst and headache symptoms. This could be because fruit juices are generally high in fructose, which is a sugar that affects your energy and your liver function. “They can definitely replenish fluids and decrease the dehydration that contributes to a hangover,” says Kennedy, who recommends watermelon and cucumbers, which both have a high water content. “A sprinkle of salt on either can replenish electrolytes if someone has vomited,” Kennedy adds. “Alcohol itself is a diuretic, meaning that it causes you to urinate more,” says Shilpi Agarwal, MD, a family medicine physician in Washington, DC.

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“I slept well during the night after drinking. In the morning after, I tried drinking more water than I am used to. I ate eggs and toast and had some orange juice, B12 vitamin and plenty of water.” If you’re having trouble controlling your drinking, reach out to a therapist in your area. They can help you determine the best way to treat your addition, whether that’s in a therapeutic setting, an outpatient setting, or inpatient treatment. In fact, it might make the hangover worse by further dehydrating you. One of the worst parts of a hangover is the overwhelming queasiness and the feeling that you can’t eat. Antacid pills can neutralize your stomach acid and tackle your feelings of indigestion — making your stomach woes more bearable.

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Darker drinks, especially spirits like brandy or whisky, have higher levels of compounds called congeners. These compounds are thought to make your hangover worse – so if you must have a nightcap, choose a light-coloured spirit instead. It is intended for general informational purposes and is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

From water to coffee to an IV drip, we tested out the best ways to feel human again.

But it can be easy to overindulge—and then wake up the next day with nausea, headache, and fatigue. Drinks with electrolytes will help you retain water.