Asian Women Mag

Asian Girls magazine is mostly a fashion and lifestyle paper totally free chinese dating sites geared towards South Asian women. It absolutely was founded in June 2k and released its 1st issue in 2001. It is actually published simply by Smart Asian Media, which is run by simply Samina Saeed and Sarwar Ahmed. It features vogue, makeup, meals and way of living stories that appeal to women numerous.

The paper covers every aspects of contemporary Asian lifestyle, from well being to romances to travel and leisure. It is often considered the Asian equal of Glamour. Their coverage runs from vogue, beauty, and lifestyle to relationship advice, career tips, travel, and entertainment. It has been a successful platform for mainstream brands to break into the South Oriental market.

The publication’s mission is usually to provide a voice for women of South Asian descent in the greater Boston area. The magazine should give these women a voice in the neighborhood and celebrate their successes. It features interviews, users, and candid portrait photography that celebrate the talents and achievements of modern Asian women.

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